An 8-Year-Old Explains 'Twilight' (VIDEO)

piper reese twilightLadies and gentlemen, introducing the precocious, adorable, yet completely frightening Piper! Or at least, I just discovered her via Twitter, but apparently she's a huge deal on the Internets.

Young Piper Reese has her very own show on the YouTube, perhaps you've heard of it, called "Piper's Picks." Piper has been doing the red carpet thing for a few years, and I'd put her at around 11 years old right now. She interviews celebrities, talks movies, television, and music, and is totally the reason why I'm moving my daughter out of Los Angeles RIGHT NOW.

Okay, not really. Because she is super cute, but her youth and ambition frighten me a little bit. Which is why I had to tune in, as an 8-year-old Piper devoted a show entirely to the completely age-inappropriate phenomenon known as Twilight.


First of all, I do applaud this young lady's parents for not actually letting her watch Twilight at age 8. (And their commitment to production value for a webisode! You go, mom and dad.) Because you know there are some Twi-hard moms out there who drag their 8-year-olds kicking and screaming into the theater. You know it.

But I don't know if Piper knows what the following words mean:

  • rhetorical
  • provincial
  • classic rock

But she throws them out there like nobody's business. I do appreciate her reference to Count Dracula, and tossing out the phrase about Bella trying to figure out "the dealio" with Edward. Also, I learned from Piper that Kristen Stewart actually has green eyes. I never noticed. And you can see the child behind the future media mogul, as Piper gives a shout-out to Maria, who made the honor roll. Super cute.

All in all, I think Piper's take on Twilight is exactly what someone her age should be thinking. Let's leave the no-sex-before-marriage debate to the teenagers and adults.

What do you think about Piper's Picks?


Image via YouTube

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