I Am So Glad My Kids Are Not Babies Anymore

Blogger Jessica Gottlieb took on the study that said TV is bad for children this past month, and she sparked a discussion about TV and all the implications of it for children, especially babies, and for their moms. But most of it just made me so glad to have older children.

My children are now 4.5 and 3 years old and they have become more and more independent with every passing day. They aren't balancing the checkbooks and cooking the meals (yet), but they are generally entertaining themselves for long (ish) periods of time.

I am finally free. And by free I mean I can finally stop the judgement and the stress and the perfectionism that hounds the days of early pregnancy and parenthood. Being a mom to babies is so much more stressful than just trying to keep them alive.


Because pregnancy and early motherhood are the times for studies and poring over the details of every medical fact known to man so that you might raise your babies to be the best and brightest children in all the land. And when you do, they will crown you Queen of All Moms and throw a parade in your honor and your baby will be perfect in every way.

Sound familiar?

Throw a second child in the mix and get to about year 2, and parenting becomes a whole other ball game. You're just doing what you can to get by and a guilt trip is most decidedly unwelcome. That is exactly what these studies are, too. They are a guilt trip and they assume that we moms (and dads, too!) can't make our own parenting choices.

My children watch some TV, some days more than others, but we try to limit it to 7 hours a week total. I don't feel bad about that. Both of my children have learned a fair amount from the shows they watch and family movie night is a big part of our lives.

My husband and I love movies and we love our shows. We want to include our children in that and we don't want to feel guilty about it. And now we don't.

We are nearly five years into this whole parenting thing and, for the first time, we are past all the guilt and nonsense. We are confident in our decisions and we do them based on our family's needs, not on some study or some other mom's guilt trip.

It's a good place to be. So people with babies or who are preggo, take heed. It gets so much better as time goes on. You won't be the parent you envisioned and that will be A-OK.

Are you happier having older kids?

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