Moms Need to Know Playground Etiquette Too

toddler on slideBad playground etiquette!Playground etiquette is not just for your kids, but parents, too.  There are parents who stare at their iPad that they only notice their kid is gone when the ambulance shows up. And there are the other parents who are right there on the playground equipment, two inches behind them the whole time.

And no matter what you do, of course, some other parent things you're a crap waffle and doing it wrong.


I think there is a good middle ground, and of course, it depends on your kid's age, the other children there, your child's ability, along with the equipment itself.

Playgrounds aren't just a place to let your kids run free -- they're also a place for your kid to learn. They are exploring their physical capabilities and burning off energy so hopefully they sleep well at night, but it's also social lesson in sharing, taking turns, and basic safety.

For parents, too.

It's okay if you're the mom climbing around with your little one who is a tad small for the equipment. We know not all parks cater perfectly to all ages. But be aware of the other children, and if you and your tiny ones are interfering too much with the play of kids the appropriate age, it's probably wise to take them to explore the grass and trees instead, and save the equipment for a less busy time.

If you've got bigger kids, make sure they're careful with and respectful of the smaller kids too. Like it or not, the park really isn't a time for you to check out. You still need to monitor your kids, not only for their own safety but the safety of others.

Of course, take this time to teach manners. You don't need to be up in their faces, telling them everything to do, to say, and how to play "right" with each toy, but if your little one is climbing up the slide while others are waiting to come down, move them and let them know slides aren't for going up, but ladders are. Keep an eye on your kid, even if it would be nice to take the time to relax, for everyone's comfort and safety.

How do you teach Playground Etiquette to your kids? What tips can you share?

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