Instead of Passing 'Caylee's Law' Do These 5 Things

caylee's lawWhether you felt like the jury did its job, given what evidence was presented, or you're outraged at Casey Anthony getting away with murder, you probably feel one thing more than all others: a deep sadness about the death of Caylee Anthony. If you're a parent, you look at your own children and cannot possibly understand how something like this could happen. How could a mother abandon -- and probably murder -- her child and not tell anyone?  It's enough to make you want to do something. Something dramatic, like maybe try to get a law passed in your town that turns not reporting your child missing into a felony.

The problem is, passing Caylee's Law isn't going to help little Caylee Anthony, or any other toddler in danger. Someone who is inclined to not report their child missing, is not going to be inspired to do it because of a law. There are clearly worse things going in that household.

But here are some things you, as a parent to a toddler, can do.


1) Always treat your child with kindness.

Yes, even when you want to freak the hell out. If, or when, you blow your top be prepared to apologize.

2) Teach your child about respect, love, and empathy.

Raising a kind child is the least we can do for our child, and for others around us. Making sure you, and your child, is not part of the problem is simply the right way to be.

3) Don't allow people in your child's life who are dangerous.

Whether that means physically, or emotionally, do whatever you can to keep them out. Even if it's the child's father, grandmother, or anyone who believes they have a right to hurt your child.

4) Get to know the children in your neighborhood.

You don't have to turn into a citizen CPS agent, but keep your eyes peeled. If you suspect abuse, try to befriend the parent. If you truly believe a child is in danger, call the authorities.

5) Volunteer

There are many organizations in your community designed to help children in need. If you're in pain after watching what you believe is a miscarriage of justice for Caylee Anthony, go help other children who need an adult to take care of their needs.

Are you inspired to do something after the Casey Anthony verdict?

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