Hip Toddler Dancers Have Serious Moves (VIDEO)

toddler dancersThere are plenty of videos out there of cute kids dancing, but I've never seen toddlers with moves like this pair of little guys. Jay-Z or someone needs to scoop them up as background dancers, because they are good.

They start a little slow, but about 21 seconds in, they start busting a serious move. There's no information as to how old they are, but they appear to be about 3 and located somewhere in Central America. They've clearly been exposed to some dancing and pop culture, particularly Cumbia, a kind of Latin American music and dance. Check them out.


I love to see kids dance and their little bodies try to keep time with the music. My kids and I regularly have dance parties, and it's so much fun. I'm often amazed at how quickly they pick things up. They don't have the natural rhythm these little dudes seem to have, but we have fun nonetheless.

What do you think of these boys dancing? Do your kids have moves?

Image via YouTube

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