Working Moms Crucified Again With 'Day Care Makes Kids Fat' Study

child care photoI love child care studies. Especially the ones that make moms feel even guiltier than they already do for taking their kids to one of those evil day care places instead of staying at home with them.

The latest from the annals of "you're a bad mom if you choose day care": Kids in it are more likely to have an overly high body mass index by the time they get to kindergarten.

In other words, day care is making children fat.


Please. When are we going to stop crucifying women (and men) for needing or wanting to work and relying on licensed professionals to watch their children while they do? We all know the financial realities these days -- plenty of single parents are raising kids, two-income households are often necessary just to get by, etc.

The latest "study" is a vast conspiracy against working moms.

Hey, I think it's great if you want to and are able to be a stay-at-home mom. You go, girl. But it's equally great if you want to or have to work after you have kids. If that's the case, I'm all for child care as long as it's legit and you're still being a good parent to your children. What's the alternative -- leaving your babies home alone? Dropping them off on the doorstep of a trusty neighbor who raises hers full-time?

Just a quick recap on what got me fired up, if you missed it: A couple of university guys found obesity risks were higher for kids in any kind of child care (of course) than those raised full-time by single mothers (what world is this?) and highest for those at day care centers.

The sad truth is, like that study "showing" working mothers are more likely to have heavy kids, these findings tell women to be stay-at-home moms if they want healthy children. And that's not only cruel. It's wrong.

By putting your child in day care, you are NOT buying them a one-way ticket to fat camp. You might have some greater challenges in the healthy eating department, but then again, you might not. I know plenty of people raised by stay-at-home moms who struggle with their weight and plenty raised by working parents who don't.

Let's move out of the 1950s (are you listening, scientists)? It's time to stop punishing moms for their child care choices -- whatever they may be.


Image via Shaggy Paul/Flickr

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