'What Do Pirates Eat?' and Other Tough Kid Questions Answered (VIDEO)

questions kids askWhen kids reach a certain age, the creative, but tough questions start rapidly coming at you. If you're lucky, you'll know the answers to a few of them.

Q: Where does chocolate milk come from?

A: Duh. Chocolate cows.

But, the majority of the questions are real stumpers in one way or another. There are the ones that require some deep introspection on your part.

Q: Why isn't daddy's mommy around?

A: Um. Let me grab a tissue while I think about how to answer this one.

And there are plenty of ones that simply require having Wikipedia bookmarked.

Q: How old are dinosaurs?

A: One sec, while I look that up!

My 4-year-old son is a walking question factory, so I was excited to take part in a new video series that aims to answer those crazy questions kids ask.


My son is just slightly obsessed with pirates and always stumping me with h-aaargh-d questions, so we invited a "real" pirate over to meet him and his friends and answer their question. Take a look at what went down ...

Do you have questions you'd like to see answered in a future episode? What'd you think of this video -- would you watch more like this?

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