Last Minute Father's Day Gift Idea That Won't Break the Bank

kid arts and craftsSince my kids were old enough to hold a glue stick and crayons, I've been a firm believer in the idea that the best gifts from kids are the ones they make themselves. There's just nothing sweeter (or cheaper!) than a handmade potholder or crumbly clay teacup or yarn necklace, even if the gift is completely non-functional and does nothing but sit on a shelf and collect dust for the next twenty years. This philosophy goes double for Mother's Day and Father's Day, I think; when, after all, you're supposed to be celebrating the inherent delight of your child's ability to hold a glue stick and crayons, so to speak.


That's why I love this particular DIY Father's Day gift idea: It's easy, inexpensive, and packs a good, sappy emotional punch. My kids' dad loved this present, and they got a huge kick out of making it. I'm not sure what the official name for this craft is, so I'm just going to go ahead and christen it "Jar of Stuff I Like About Dad."

All you need is a glass jar with a top that screws on and off easily, decorating supplies (glitter, paint, stick-on jewels, stickers -- preferably chosen with dad's favorite things or colors in mind) and paper. First, snip a sheet of paper into slips the size of fortune cookie fortunes (figure 10 for each kid). Next, have your kids adorn the jar dad-style. Then, as the glue/paint/glitter dries, have your kids write something they love about their dad on each slip of paper: "Makes awesome blanket forts," "Knows how to skip rocks." (If your child can't write yet, take dictation.) Fold up the slips of paper, put them in the jar and shut it tight: Tada! "Jar of Stuff I Like About Dad."

Try this one out and let us know what Daddy says!

Image via River Arts/Flickr

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