Hungry Lion Trying to 'Eat' Toddler Is Adorable! (VIDEO)

lion and babyEverybody's talking about the crazy video of a lion trying to eat a 1-year-old visitor to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (through glass! Relax, the toddler was in no danger whatsoever). But take another look at the footage, and you'll see that the mama lion isn't trying to devour the kid at all: Her claws are retracted, and she's attempting to pick the little boy up by the scruff of his neck as if he were one of her own cubs gone astray. Awww!!! How sweet is that? She even seems slightly panicked that she can't reach her lost little one. Granted, things probably wouldn't have worked out so well had the glass not been there ... probably human necks aren't quite as gigantic tooth-resistant as lion cub necks ... but still. The maternal instinct is an amazing thing!


Further proof that the lioness means no harm: The toddler, named Trent, isn't the least bit afraid of the 400-pound beast on the other side of the glass; even he can tell that the big kitty cat just wants to play. See for yourself:

Do you think this lioness just wanted to rescue her "lost cub"?


Image via YouTube

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