My 5 Biggest Toddler Fears

top toddler worries
I worry about this guy
There's really nothing like a mother's worry, is there? Irrational and constant, it's mostly useless. (Except for that one time my worrying saved everyone's life! I swear!) From birth you're worried that the little ones aren't eating enough, or aren't breathing, or aren't getting enough sleep, or are sleeping too much. But it's this toddler phase that kicked my worrying up about five notches.

Although, to be honest, when my daughter became a toddler, I worried less. But now that my son is in this stage, I can't stop fretting about the little guy. What gives? Yes, he's put his head through our front (glass) door, yes, he's fallen backwards out of his chair. But it's the more existential fears that haunt me when I look at that small dude. Ones that I didn't have as much with his older sister. Sexist? Ageist? Who knows. All I know is that I wake up in the middle of the night freaking out about these five things:


1) The Second Child Syndrome

I spent so much time talking with and studying his older sister -- uninterrupted. This kid can barely get a word in edgewise, and I often find him reading by himself, after I've been having a super fun chat with his sister. Is he going to feel like he's always second best?

2) Is He Getting Enough to Eat?

His sister had a super pudge look going by this time, and he's still a skinny fella who picks at his food. I know it's an age-old issue, but I worry about his belly.

3) His Heart Will Get Broken

This dude is a lot more sensitive than his older sister. Running out of cheese sticks can send him over the edge. While I feel like my daughter can bounce back from any setback, I worry about my son's sensitive soul. And the harpy that will break it into a thousand pieces.

4) The Autism

I know, it's insane and an incredible waste of time to even think about this. But every time I see that kid walk across the room on his tip toes, I ignore his advanced communication skills and killer eye contact.

5) I'll Stop "Getting" Him

Right now we're so connected, my husband has just given in to the fact that I'm the favorite parent. But he's a boy, and at some point, I'm going to have no idea what's going on in that hormonal head of his. And then, my heart will break.

What do you worry about with your kids?


Image via Maggie Storm

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