Best Father's Day Present EVER

best father's day presentIt's true that dads get the short end of the Parental Day stick. Where are the flowers? The spa treatments? The breakfast in bed? Most of us remember it's Father's Day about 24 hours beforehand and run to Home Depot for some man goods, followed by a phone call to make a reservation at the local bar and grill for a "family-friendly" dinner. But this year will be different. Because you're about to get a tip for a Father's Day present that will blow dad's mind.

That's right, it's a Bobblehead doll of your kid.


Got a baby, a big kid who loves sports, a medical student? Turn her into a bobblehead that dad can take to work and stare at all day long. Here's how it works: You take a straight-on front photo of your child's head, then a profile shot. You pick the outfit, and send in the pictures (along with $89) to, and they'll send back your little ones as bobbles.

This is going to beat the PANTS off of framed photo from your professional session. And don't forget the joy it will bring dad to pull out your child's bobblehead circa two-years-old, when that same boy is a teenager and bringing home his first love interest? Awesome!

How do I know this will be a huge hit on Father's Day? Because my own husband found it on the world wide web and immediately shouted, "Oh my god, they make personalized bobbleheads! What the --?"


What are you or your kids getting the man for Father's Day?

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