Toddler Video Games Aren't Zombie Makers

video games and toddlersWhich shows you how old I am: Video games, not Wii games, console games, or apps. Whatever you want to call plugging into an electronic gadget or box and playing a game, our kids are being targeted -- along with that magic teen-20s male demographic -- by big players this week at E3. Cue parental outrage.

Except I'm not feeling it. Not anymore.


I've always been a naysayer when it came to people spending too much time (which is, of course, my definition of "too much") playing games on the computer and consoles. Call me a snob, but I felt like intellectual development had to have been hampered by zoning out in front of a machine versus picking up a book. Now, I realize the two activities can live side by side, just like ebony and ivory.

From the second my toddler picked up my iPhone and started to understand way more about it than I did, I realized this generation will not be the one that argues with its parents about the Atari. We understand a screen is a screen is a screen. There's not much difference between watching Sesame Street on the television and playing "Once Upon a Monster" on Kinect. Except that maybe kids will be up and more active while playing the game. As long as you're not bringing home "L.A. Noire" for your toddler to take a crack at, it's really okay.

I do believe reading should take up most of the leisure time of the toddler set, and we have a massive kid library to back that up. I just don't get frightened about the video games anymore. After all, how else would we play karaoke, if not with our Lips game on the Xbox?

How do you feel about kids playing these games?

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