New Pregnancy Theme Song Will Stick in Your Head Forever! (VIDEO)

i got pregnant Okay, I'll admit I'm a sucker for spoof music, whether it's an Andy Samberg tune on SNL ("Jizzed in My Pants," "The Chronicles of Narnia"), Jimmy Fallon and Paul McCartney doing "Scrambled Eggs" (sung to the tune of "Yesterday"), or a ridiculous song by actual musicians like Das Racist's "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell." So I guess it only makes sense that I'm totally in love with "I Got Pregnant" by comedy trio The Fun Club. "Sung" by three women in lawn chairs, it's sort of how you would imagine Snooki announcing her pregnancy if Jersey Shore pulled a Glee.


And the funniest part, to me, is that even though there are barely any lyrics in this song, there are still some seriously great lines. My favorites:

  • "You're such a whore!" This in response to the title declaration, "I got pregnaaaaant!"
  • "All's you need is a bottla wine, or a bottla alcohol." Fertility treatments, of course.
  • "Would you give me a wax later?" Not sure if she's addressing her friends or the guys who appear to be doing construction on the house.
  • "I'm listenin' to The Black Eyed Peas on my Zune." A Zune! Oh my gawd!
  • "If it's a boy, I'm gonna name him Cilantro." Classy!

Check it out:

Do you think "I Got Pregnant" is the catchiest song ever?

Image via YouTube

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