The Most Hilarious Pregnancy Workouts (VIDEO)

prego shuffleThere was absolutely no part of me that wanted to exercise when I was pregnant. The very thought of exercising made me so tired that I'd have to take a nice long nap. But then guilt got the better of me -- I blame it on that damn What to Expect book -- so I hit up Amazon for some pregnancy workout videos I could do at home, in my pajamas, with the shades drawn, when no one else was there.


That's when I made an unexpected discovery: Old-school pregnancy workouts are the funniest thing ever to exist on this planet. EVER. Screw doing the actual exercises; you'll burn enough calories laughing so hard that tears will stream down your face (you might even cackle your way into labor!). Forget anything resembling Pilates or yoga, what you're looking for in a preggers exercise vid are a cheesy soundtrack, striped leotards, clunky white sneakers, and big, big hair. A few of my favorites:

Jane Fonda's Pregnancy, Birth, and Recovery Workout Who better to whip your big pregnant butt into shape than '80s fitness icon Fonda? Oddly, she's not expecting in the video, but everybody else is. Now there's a great way to make yourself look good -- surround yourself by basketball-bellied moms in tights.

Buns of Steel 8: Pregnancy Workout Oh yes, because it is possible to attain said "buns of steel" when you're expecting. No, it's really really not! But it's a laugh riot watching this thing and marveling at the inspired style of the woman who leads the workout ... thick, "nude" pantyhose under a hot pink leotard. See, you really don't look as bad as you thought in those maternity jeans!

The Prego Shuffle I have no words for this one ... no, that's not true. Imagine a rap version of the Electric Slide except not nearly as catchy (oh yeah, the Electric Slide is catchy compared to this one!) performed by pregnant women in sunglasses and unitards. Just watch:


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