Proof Most Kids Don't Get Our Humor (VIDEO)

Kids React To Viral VideosWhen it comes to kids on video, they pretty much break down into a few categories: Bratty kid. Bratty parent. Kid who’s cute but not as cute as yours.

And when it comes to kids on television, there seems to be only one category: Awful sassy-mouthed child that moms can’t wait to get away from.

I hate all these kid (and mom) stereotypes. Which is why I absolutely love the YouTube series “Kids React to Viral Videos.” Take a look at this episode, in which some kids watch a somewhat insane cat animation, and we’ll talk about why this is such a great thing for moms, kids, and pretty much everyone.


First of all, these kids are smart. Not smarty-pants, not smart-mouthed -- they’re thoughtful and smart and come up with some really neat gems of wisdom. That’s how I feel about my kids -- They amuse me! They teach me! -- so I’m glad these filmmakers have gotten the memo that kids aren’t just destructive forces bent on ruining their airplane experience.

Second, it’s refreshing to see someone -- anyone -- taking a fresh look at the stuff we waste our time with on our cubicle coffee breaks. Not that it stops me from loving viral videos, you understand. But now I’ll resolve to feel worse about it.

And third? Legitimate cuteness. The little girl who can’t stop squealing juxtaposed with the young-adult who appreciates the irony -- both are equally adorable to me. Watching these kids balances out the horror stories and “just you WAIT 'til your loving toddler becomes a terrrrrible TEEEEEEN” ooga-booga tales that people like to scare me with.

How do you like "Kids React to Viral Videos"?

Image via YouTube

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