Adorable Toddler Gets Thumbs Up for Rock and Roll Advice (VIDEO)

Thumbs Up for Rock and RollA video dubbed "Thumbs Up for Rock and Roll" has gone viral this week. A toddler's mantra about getting on a bike and try, try, trying again is, well, the silliest, sweetest, AND smartest thing folks say they've ever heard ... all at once. And I get it, I really do. 

Because there's one thing I've learned in life. You can keep your makeup. And your self-help books. Oh, and your sexy lingerie. I've got my kid telling me I'm the most bee-yoooo-ti-ful woman ever (at 20 pounds heavier and 3 wrinkles craggier than I was a year ago). All because I'm HER mom. Silliest, sweetest, and smartest thing anyone in MY LIFE has said ... all at once. That's the thing about kids, isn't it? Just so darn simple, they're spot on. Like the Rock and Roll Kid:


My favorite part? "If you believe in yourself, you will know how to ride a bike. If you don't, you just keep practicing."

He's right, isn't he? I mean, just like my daughter, he's not EXACTLY right. I'm not classically beautiful, and you will never win the Tour de France, but for goodness sakes, who cares? They don't. They're pure and simple and care about what really matters. The good stuff. The simple stuff. The getting there. The journey. The joie de vivre for crying out loud! The rock and roll!

They cut to the chase and teach you more about your life by relating it to theirs than you learn in all your searching. I'm going to be holding on to this video to remind myself to smell the roses and rock ... and ROLL! And I'll be sharing it today. How about you?


Image via YouTube

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