Proof There ARE Supportive Moms Out There

group of momsIf you read my blog post last Thursday, you already know that I was pretty bummed out after a particularly judgmental breastfeeding class. At the end of my post, I asked if the moms out there had any constructive, judgment-free advice on how to boost milk supply, considering my unique situation (breast reduction surgery, twins, probable c-section).

Well, I received hundreds of comments and several emails from The Stir readers, who took the time out of their busy days to not only share their useful tips, but to send me their best wishes and support as well. I was beyond touched that strangers would reach out like that, and it proved to me that, although the "bully moms" may rant and rave and make a whole lotta noise, they are no match -- in might or in numbers -- for the community of loving, supporting, here-to-help mothers out there. 


Look, I know that if I'm already getting some criticism before I've even had my babies, that I'm likely to get it even more once they're fussy babies and active toddlers and identical little troublemakers. But the last few days have made me realize that most moms clearly mean well! Sure, when a seasoned mom gives you her opinion on co-sleeping or baby carriers or pacifiers, it might be because she just needs the whole world to think that her way is the right way. But what's more likely: she may have just had good luck with certain baby gear or a particular technique or method, and she's thinking you might benefit from her been-there-done-that knowledge. The people who keep reaching out to touch your belly? Okay, they probably don't understand personal boundaries or have any impulse control, but it's really just a gesture of support for you and your unborn babies.

I know, I know, it sounds like I drank the Mommy Kool-Aid, but for now, I'm still riding high on all the good vibes I've been getting over the last several days. And let's get real here: I am a very hormonal pregnant woman, corny and sentimental and very sensitive to schmaltz. I mean, I've started crying during diaper commercials so, you know, it doesn't take much. Plus, who knows? While I'm feeling very Pollyanna right now, the next person to tell me how huge I am might find themselves face-to-face with my fists of fury (only in my mind, of course).

For now though, I just want to acknowledge the amazing network of caring, supportive moms whose guidance, honesty, and good intentions make it that much easier for us up-and-comers to look ahead and embrace what's to come. I think there's definitely truth to the adage, "It takes a village" and I'm looking forward to officially joining the tribe.

For the most part, do you feel supported by the mom community?

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