A Bossy Toddler Could Save Your Life

bossy toddlersNo one likes a smart mouth on a small kid (or on anyone, really), but on a recent trip with my daughter, her know-it-all attitude actually improved my health. You see, I've recently been diagnosed with celiac disease, and suddenly my daughter is all up in my business about what I put into my mouth. A frequent refrain while dining out from this pint-sized MD was, "Is there gluten in that?" Once this actually came in incredibly handy when I was dying for a Frappuccino, but remembered a warning I received about the cold frosty drink. I switched to an iced latte, and I have my little girl to thank.

Of course I could have done without her constant checking up on me while driving, "Are you sure we're going the right way, mommy?" Ummm, I don't know, and you're NOT helping.

But I realized that this kind of bossiness could actually come in handy in many others ways, even life-saving ways. For example --

  • "You can't make me eat my vegetables!"

Hello, recalls! From spinach to cucumbers, your toddler may be onto something.

  • "But I don't wanna' go outside and play!"

Given all the tornadoes and flooding lately, your bossy pants is saving everyone's skin by ducking and covering indoors.

  • The airplane freak out

You know that as long as there is a screaming child on the flight, it can't crash, right?

  • "Everyone else in my pre-school has seen Star Wars, so I have to."

Okay, not so much life-saving, as afternoon-saving. How much fun is watching Star Wars with your kid?

  • "I want iPhone!"

Especially helpful if you're driving in the car and can't fight the tempatation to check your texts. Give it to the kid, and save everyone's lives.

Does your toddler boss you around?

Image via Gluten is My Bitch

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