Toddler vs. Otter: Cutest Memorial Day Must See (VIDEO)

toddler otterStill wondering what to do with your toddler this Memorial Day weekend? A toddler caught on video playing "chase" with an otter at the San Diego Zoo is doing double duty as the cutest thing you'll see today AND the best inspiration for a family trip. There's a reason this thing has drawn close to 1 million views on YouTube!

Kids + critters = cutest combination going. Am I right? That's what keeps the 270-some zoos in the United States open. There are adults who go, but when I go with my kid, it's mostly other families there too. On the parenting level, we know animals are good teachers. Kids learn empathy. They learn about science. They expand their horizons. But I'm going to be completely honest.


I like looking at pictures and videos of cute animals for much the same reason I like looking at pictures and videos of cute kids. They both make me feel GOOD inside. Yeah, yeah, bad mom confession. But put them together and this is what you get:

Cutest thing EVER, wasn't it? The little boy seemed to be having the time of his life, and all his parents had to do was stand back and let him enjoy himself. I'm glad they taped this so they can have that precious giggle on record forever. I'm glad they taped it, so I could indulge!

Now, how to get YOU some of that? Get thee to a zoo this weekend! Let your kids play! Sure, they'll get some education, but you'll get to indulge in the animal/kid combination that can't be beat.

Happy Memorial Day! What do you have planned? Are animals involved?


Image via YouTube

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