The Casey Anthony Trial Won't Be On My TV

casey anthony trialWe all watched in horror three years ago when the story of missing toddler, Caylee Anthony erupted onto the 24-hour news machine. The big brown eyes of an adorable little girl stared up at you, and you wondered how any mother could not report her missing the second she was allegedly taken by a babysitter.

As this sordid story unfolded, it became obvious that the young mother, Casey Anthony, had something to do with her little girl's disappearance, and death. Even though the trial is underway, most of us have already convicted Casey Anthony. Even she has admitted that she was, at the very least, aware that her toddler was dead.

And that's enough for me. I don't need to see anymore of this horrific family drama. I'm turning off my TV, and I'm going to stop scanning salacious headlines. You see, I'm afraid this is going to go all O.J., and the death of this beautiful little girl is going to becoming the least important part of this trial.


Like so many of us, my own daughter was the same age as Caylee when she went "missing." It was painful to watch at the time, and now that my son is the same age as Caylee was when she died, it's another awful reminder of what horrible things people do to their children. You can't help but experience some transference when you look at your own toddlers, and just weep. Casey Anthony's trail will not help me understand how a mother could do the unthinkable.

Gawking at the trail and the outlandish accusations the defense will make to try to save Casey's skin is not my idea of a good time. No matter what horrible things have happened to that young woman (and I'm sure that she didn't escape some kind of trauma, considering her behavior), there is no excuse for the events that took place in 2008. Casey Anthony is guilty of something, probably murder, although of course I don't know that with 100% certainty.

In a high-profile case like this one, the trial simply serves as a circus to see who can win over a jury with the most dramatic claims. If Casey Anthony winds up not serving time for this heinous crime it will be because of a fantastic performance by the defense. I don't need to see that, or contribute to the atmosphere. Instead, I'll just hug my own toddler a little bit tighter and thank god that I cannot possibly comprehend how these horrific events could occur between a mother and child.

Are you watching the trial?


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