Moms Can Be the Worst Bullies on the Playground

mom bullyWatch out parents, apparently kids aren't the only bullies on the playground. Have you ever noticed that your invitation to a play date gets "forgotten" all the time? Or do you feel like a certain mom stops talking when you walk into the circle? Then you might be the victim of a mom bully.

On the TODAY Show this morning, they took on this "monster in a minivan" story and explained how power dynamics don't stop once you've graduated. These moms who bully can actually create a pretty uncomfortable environment for other moms, whether it's by exclusion or outright hostility. Parental judgment, anyone?

Of course, all bullying really does start with the mom or the dad.


Kids learn from their parents, and if you've got an aggressive parent, bulldozing his or her way through life, the children will learn to mirror that bad behavior. You can see this when parents step in to defend their kids, who are clearly bullies themselves. It's more rare when a mom steps forward and says yes, what my child did was wrong. It happens, like it did in the Casey Heynes case.

Luckily, the moms at my daughter's school are all mature, smart women who wouldn't stoop so low as to behave like a child. But we know those people are out there. Just take a look in the comments to find hate-filled rants and name-calling. Sure, it's harder to do this to someone's face, and that's why the experts say you have to confront the mom bully. Acknowledging what's happening and saying that it's not okay is the best way to end negative behavior among the adults on the playground.

Sounds like that good advice could spill over to the kids as well.

Do you know a mom bully?


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