Being Supermom Means I'm Superbad at Everything Else

supermomEver notice how superheroes aren't so great at relationships? We always see Superman ditching Lois to go save an out of control train or stop an errant comet plummeting toward Earth. Batman had a fiance and a few flirtations, but no mega long-term relationship (except with Robin and Alfred the butler). Spider-Man has Mary Jane, but that relationship has major issues. It isn't surprising. These heroes are so busy, saving lives, defeating villains, cleaning their capes that relationships take a backseat to everything else.

All of us moms trying to do it all, all of us wannabe Supermoms should take note. If you are Supermom, you probably won't be super at everything else.


I am talking to myself here too ... I constantly fall into the trap of trying to be Supermom. I try to go on every school field trip, take her to every ballet class, be there for the "What is honesty?" question as well as the "Do you like boogers?" question, fix the healthiest meals, always be patient ... the Supermom list goes on and on.

When I'm trying to do it all as Supermom -- from laundry to homemade Halloween costumes to making the allergist appointment on time -- when I am doing all of that, everything else falls to the bottom of the priority list. Think non-plucked eyebrows, few and far between date nights, slacking at the WOH job. As one of my mommy friends so eloquently said, "If you are doing great at one thing, you are totally sucking at something else."

And it goes in reverse too. If you are busy at work, doing a stellar job on some project, your mommying will suffer -- not a lot, but some, for that moment in time. I was really busy at work and realized one rainy day it had been over a year since I had last bought Kiddo rain boots ... and the ones she has are two sizes smaller than her other shoes. Not a huge thing, but not a great thing either. It happens.

And when it happens, we can forgive ourselves. Because, really, superheroes don't exist. We need to remember we are human, we will be good at things one day ... and not so much the next. We do not have superpowers -- though sometimes Kiddo thinks I do when I make her boo-boo better with a kiss.

Do you try to be Supermom?


Image via emilywjones/Flickr

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