Goldie Hawn Can Teach My Kid Anytime

goldie hawn educationWho knew? The woman who carefully cultivated the bubble-headed blonde act, is actually a passionate educator! I always knew I liked Goldie Hawn, but now I'm firmly in the Team Goldie camp. It seems that Hawn has been working towards changing the way our kids start their school day, and her endorsed methods have been proven to increase academic and social success.

Of course, for some of you, her methods might feel a little old-school Hawn --  like when she dressed in flowing dresses and wore flowers in her hair. Basically, Hawn's foundation wants to teach kids how to meditate. And New York state is getting behind this movement, so New Yorkers, get ready for your kids to ommmm all the way home.


I've always been a big fan of meditation, and those moments when my toddler can't seem to calm her body, I try to sit her down and have silent time. This program starts when kids are in Kindergarten, and I can see the benefit to having these moments of focus start at a really young, and easily distracted age.

Hawn's MindUP curriculum isn't only about meditating, however. The program asks that students take 10 minutes, three times a day so kids can learn to quiet their brain, and teachers can work on the SEL (social and emotional learning) skills that are needed for a lifetime of success. Lessons include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. I think we can all get behind these life lessons, that most schools don't include as part of the curriculum. Sadly, many kids aren't getting these skills at home either, and you wind up with chaos in the classroom. No one can learn in that kind of environment, as we see in failing schools quite frequently.

As the New York State Education Department rolls out guidelines for schools, I do hope many adopt this program, that has shown not only great strides in academic achievement, but a significant reduction in behavioral problems as well. Work that is put into even the youngest kids, has been shown to pay off once they reach those terrible tweens.

I don't know about you, but if there's something I can do now to avoid having a 12-year-old nightmare on my hands, I'm going to do it. Which means, I'm dusting off the yoga mats. And praying that flexibility will magically prevent that talking back voice most pre-teens perfect.

Do you believe meditation can help our kids be successful?

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