5 Daddy & Baby Bonding Ideas So He Doesn't Feel Left Out

dad and baby bondingIt's tough to be a dad. No matter the age, it's tough, but those first days, weeks, months of your baby's life, it is really tough to be a dad. Everyone is doting on the baby, making sure you as the mama are okay. You're having a lot of one-on-one time with the wee one, especially in the whole feeding department. Dad could feel a little left out, not sure what to do -- and not want to bother you with asking what to do.

So, how can you help your baby's papa get into the mix? How can he get his own bonding mojo going with the little bambino? We have a few easy ideas for you. The trick: just like feeding time is part of the daily schedule, make these daddy-baby bonding times part of the schedule, too.


1. Dad is the permanent taxi service. When you venture out on family outings, have Dad be in charge of the transportation. Have him push the stroller, wear the Bjorn, make sure the car seat is correct (and designate him as the one to get Junior in and out of it). Yes, dub him King of Tot Transportation.  

2. Bath time is Dad time. Sure, at first, it may take two of you (all four hands!) to get the bathing thing down, but once you do, make bath time his time. Not only will he get a chance to be with the baby by himself, he will become more and more confident in handling the little one.

3. Channel Dad's inner coach for tummy time. Tummy time is an uber-important part of your baby's day, but it can be tough, and many little ones don't like it at first (translation: they cry). Have Dad be your baby's coach, encourage him to get down on the floor and talk to the baby, put his Google expertise to use looking up good hints and tricks for tummy time. Not only will it tap into his sporty side, it will provide some great bonding moments.

4. Reading with Dad. They say to read to your baby at least 30 minutes a day. Whether it's in the morning, afternoon, or at bedtime, have Dad be in charge of the storytelling. Plus, face it, he's the pro at funny voices.

5. Let Dad earn his PhD in Baby Fashion. You may be changing outfits often during the day, depending on spit-ups and diaper blowouts, but for your baby's first outfit of the day, let Dad be in charge. Have him choose it and get it on the little one. Again, that alone time with his baby, chatting out loud about which onesie to pick, what the weather will be like, what the day may bring is a perfect daily bonding ritual for Dad. 

Did your husband have special bonding times with your baby?


Image via chimothy27/Flickr

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