10 Ways to Make Father's Day Unforgettable

father and son

You've got to hand it to dads. They do Mother's Day up big, and then Father's Daycomes along. And it's just not ... as big. Not the hoopla. Not the spending. Nothing.

Come on Moms! They may not carry the babies in their bellies, but this isn't Joe Schmoe from down the street, he's the yin to your yang, the peas to your carrots, the beer to your pretzels! Oh yeah, and your kids loooove the guy. So let's make this Father's Day unforgettable, shall we? A few ideas:


1. Fire up the grill. Put the beverage of his choice in his hand (Is he brewski guy? A java joe? Does he like a nice cognac?), and tell him to go sit down. The image of Dad at the grill always gets me. It's his day, why is he standing in the heat?

2. Let's get messy! They always say the handmade gifts are the best, don't they? That's because they make Dad melt. My dad had a giant paper tie covered in globs of paint (of questionable colors) hanging in his office for years; he couldn't bear to throw it away.

3. Scout out his favorite fishing spot. OK, maybe it's not fishing exactly, but what's his hobby? Go to the place where HE likes to hang with the whole fam and let him show the kids why he likes it so much. The look on his face will be worth it, trust me.

4. Two words: baseball game. He doesn't even have to be a big fan to love a day out with you and the kids at the local minor league park. They're MADE for families to make memories. 'Nuff said.

5. Bake him something nice ... together. What's better than a cake made just for you? A cake made by you, with the kids who you don't get to spend enough time with. Not a cake kind of guy? How about cookies he can decorate with his favorites? Or cupcakes? Or, well, the sky's the limit folks.

6. Water fight! The backyard barbecues in June tend to blend together, don't they? But the one with the giant water fight when the kids soaked Dad, and he suddenly found a loaded water gun under his chair that was newly gifted to him for the holiday? Yeah, that he'll remember.

7. Hand over the remote. Sorry kids, no cartoons today. It's their gift to Dad. Trust me, he'll remember that!

8. Go shopping! At the hardware store. The computer store. Or wherever he likes to hang. In other words, anywhere he doesn't have to hold your purse while you try on seven dresses and he yawns.

9. Take over his chore list. Just this once, mow the lawn, take out the garbage, whatever it is that HE does as his part of the split household, do it. It's not a split household this weekend.

10. Give him a hug and don't ask for a thing all day. Corny? Really simple? OK, it is, but when I asked a friend who is a father of three what he wants this Father's Day, that was the straight answer I got. No kids asking him to fix stuff. No kids asking for a loan. Just a big hug that says "I love you, Dad."

How will you make his day unforgettable?


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