Moms Never Win the Long Hair Battles

long hairMy daughter has long hair. It is beautiful, thick, long with curls on the end, gorgeous locks of golden goodness. Moms I know want her hair as theirs. And Kiddo loves her long hair. But with this long hair comes, as many mothers across America know, the (almost) Daily Hair Battle

It isn't about how she wears it. It isn't a battle of barrettes versus headbands, braids versus pony tails (or kitty tails, as they are called in our abode). Nope, Kiddo is a good sport, understands that if she's heading to soccer or ballet, her hair needs to be a certain way.

What ignites our mane mash-ups? What causes the war of the tresses? The dang brush.


Snaggles, tangles, snarls, whatever you call them, they are the root of all of our hair woes (no pun intended). When her hair is wet, I slather on the conditioner, I spray buckets of detangler, but even before the comb hits a strand, as it hovers over her head, the cries of "Ouch" begin. When it's dry, it doesn't matter if I brush a small section, grab the whole mess together, brush slowly, brush fast, she cringes, squirms, cries.

I know other moms deal with this -- and it isn't just a girl issue. Those lads with long lovely locks put up a good fight as well.

I know it is just a part of parenting, part of it all. I can deal with this, we work it out. Some days, the battles are just minor skirmishes. Other days, they are full-on assaults. I have long hair myself. I have had it most of my life. I remember my mom brushing my hair ... and not liking it. I've been in Kiddo's shoes. I get it.

Despite this kindred "I've been there, done that" knowledge, despite this wisdom as part of the Long Hair Club, do you know who she wants to brush her hair? Her dad. Yes, my husband ... who is bald. Follicle-free since he was 18. I wish I was joking. Though even when he brushes Kiddo's hair, there are tears, and "Are you done yet?" is asked at least 17 times.

Do you have any hair battles in your home?


Image via mangpages/Flickr

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