Adorable Mother's Day Rap Done Toddler Style (VIDEO)

Mother's Day RapHappy Mother's Day to all the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and other women who provide nurturing to others. Hopefully you're being showered with love and perhaps a few gifts today. Two girls -- Lily, 4, and Sydney, 2 -- made an adorable video for their mother that will surely be the best gift she gets today, and perhaps ever.

In the video, the toddlers do a rap about why they love their mother. The pigtails, their moves, the lyrics -- it's all precious. Rebecca Black has nothing on these girls. Check them out:


Priceless, no? I love the part where she says, "break it down for me Lily." I love the whole thing, and the dad who helped them make it gets major kudos.

When it comes to gifts made for you by your children, there's just something so touching that no jewelry or spa gift certificate can touch. Those are nice too, don't get me wrong, but the delight in your children's faces while they watch you open something they have made for you is one of the most amazing moments of motherhood.

This morning, after lettting me sleep in, my husband children woke me up, and had presents placed around the house. There were some very nice store-purchased items that I adored, but then came the finale. My son was jumping up and down and couldn't contain his excitement to give me the big gift he had made for me one afternoon at  home, with no help from anyone.

He presented me with a recycled water bottle he had stuffed with confetti and all sorts of treasures; on the bottom of the water bottle was a big pair of plastic binoculars. Mounds of Scotch tape held the whole thing together on top of a copy of the Bible he'd dug out of  a drawer.  It was ... amazing. I teared up as he explained to me that it was a rocket, and the book was because he knew I liked to read. I have no idea what I'm going to do with this masterpiece, but I'll always cherish it, just like I'm sure Sydney and Lily's mother will cherish her video. 

Happy Mother's Day, everyone.

What do you think of the toddlers' rap video? What's the best gift from your children you've ever received?


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