Being a Flower Girl: Great for Kid, Bad for Mom

grace van custemWe all saw the photos. Princess Catherine and Prince William kissing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace ... and the little pouting flower girl/bridesmaid/whatever they were calling her in the lower left corner. Grace Van Cutsem, Prince William's goddaughter, none too pleased to be there, peeved, stealing a bit of the spotlight, acting like a normal 3-year-old.

Anyone else look at that picture and wonder, "Is her mom freaking out right now?" 


My daughter, who just turned 4, is going to have her first role in a wedding this July. My husband's brother is getting married, and she is a flower girl. She is very excited, she's been practicing, she's told everyone from the FreshDirect delivery guy to the doorman she is a flower girl. Yes, she is thrilled.

Me? Not so much. Don't get me wrong, I adore the fact that Kiddo was invited to be a part of the wedding, but, man, it is a lot to ask of a kid. The wedding party gets there early, perhaps poses for pictures, then waits around some more, and finally the wedding starts. The girl has to focus and follow directions and then someone gives her props! Flowers no less, flowers that are fun and she wants to smell them and the last thing she wants to do is throw them or listen to some wedding planner trying to corral her to do what she is supposed to do ... so she doesn't.

Many say it's cute when flower girls don't behave, act like, well, kids should after waiting around for hours while wearing not-so-comfy shoes. You see those videos all of the time on America's Funniest Home Videos. And we all saw it last Friday with little Grace. I don't blame Grace for her pout. She was tired, she was over it.

I am actually not worried about Kiddo. She's gonna be fine and, if she isn't, that is okay too. I am more worried about me and my anxiety creeping into the situation. The minute she smells my stress about how I want her to behave a certain way, we are done for ... so I will tell her to just have fun.

Did you have a flower girl mishap in your wedding?


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