The Coolest Mother’s Day Crafts

sock puppetLike a lot of moms, when Mother's Day rolls around, we love to sleep in until noon, take a long bath, go grab a mani-pedi. But when you stop and think about it, why don't we use this day doing what we do best: being a mom? This Mother's Day, celebrate bringing this little person into the world by spending some quality time with that little person.

We turned on our craft idea machine (yup, it's blue and sits over here in the corner) and put together a list of crafts and activities perfect to get your bonding mojo going. You know your kiddo wants to make you something special -- doing it together creates something else that's awesome ... we're talkin' memories, people!


Fold once, fold twice, voila! -- Yup, why don't you and your kiddo learn the art of origami ... or at least how to make a whale. Really, all you need are some pieces of colored paper and your fingers. There are step-by-step instructions all over the Internet, and we love the idea of an origami bouquet to decorate our desks.

Say cheese! -- If your kiddo is old enough (mine started clicking away at age 3 without fear of camera-breakage), hand over the digital camera. See what both of you capture on film around the house (or take it outside if the weather is nice). Upload the pics, print them out, and with a little bit of glue and some paper, make your own photo coffee table book.

Stop and smell the felt -- Forget the real kind that wilts within days. Grab some felt scraps and scissors and work on Kiddo's fine motor skills cutting out flower shapes. Add a Popsicle stick (colored green via a marker) and your flowers will "bloom" right before your eyes.

Herb it! -- Head over to the local nursery, buy a few little pots, soil, and some seeds for herbs. Thyme, rosemary, basil, chives, whatever you think you may use. Get her little fingers dirty with you, planting them, getting them in their new homes. The cool thing about this? It leads to many more days of fun bonding -- watering them, watching the herbs grow, using them to cook dinner together.

Put a sock in it -- Open Dad's sock drawer. You know he has some lone socks in there. Glue on a few buttons or a bit of yarn, maybe tie a napkin around the neck as a cape and muster your best accent as SuperPuppet ... or whatever kind of alter-sock-ego you want.

Make your own kind of music -- With some glasses filled with water at various levels, music and fun are inevitable. There may be a few droplets on the table, but you won't care as you make up some groovy new songs together, clinking and dink-a-link-ing your water-glass-ophone. 

When in doubt, think cookies -- Seriously, kids love baking. No need to get fancy. Forget the blender and the recipe book. Just grab some premade dough and a spoon for each of you to scoop and plop with. While you are waiting for them to bake, design your own special cookie platter with a white paper plate and crayons.

What is your favorite bonding craft to do with your kids?


Image via Lorena Cupcake/Flickr

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