12 Most Embarrassing Things Moms Do

Being a mom can be a fairly humbling experience. Once you have been puked on, pooped on, covered in pee, and forced to pick boogers out of your hair after your child sneezed on you, you're pretty much past the point of humiliation.

Since becoming a mom four years ago, I have done things I never would have done in my pre-baby life as a 20-something city dwelling career woman with a good job and respectable shoe collection.

But now, of course, it's a whole other story. I rarely wear makeup, sometimes forget to wash my hair for a long (long!) time, and very often save showering for the evening. So yeah. I do embarrass myself from time to time, but hey, it seems I'm not alone. Here are 12 things we mamas do to embarrass ourselves on a near daily basis:

  1. Wipe our kids' noses with our sleeves: Admit it. You've forgotten tissues and been forced to use your sleeve, too. We've all been there. It's best to be open about it.
  2. Showered with baby wipes: Body odor can be a problem, but a quick few swipes with a baby wipe and a reapplication of deodorant and you're good to go (kind of).
  3. Eating kid leftovers: I've been known to pick over my kid's slimy leftovers in order to have something to eat.
  4. Worn sweatpants in public: The ugly kind with the elastic waistband. Lululemon these are not.
  5. Worn flip-flops in winter: You have to get on the shoes in a hurry, and after outfitting little people in their full winter gear, pulling on the boots can seem like a chore too great to undertake.
  6. Strip naked in public: Whether it's because our toddler vomited on us or we had a nursing malfunction, we're seen nude more than Kendra Wilkinson. And not in a good way.
  7. Make rookie mistakes: One mom mistook "rice cereal" for rice krispie treats, another had to take her baby home naked after forgetting diapers at home and having a poop explosion in public. We moms are expected to know it all, but we're just learning, too!
  8. Cried in random places: Being a mom can make you emotional. One mom said she cried the day she brought her daughter into daycare a whole week early. Another broke down in tears at a puppet show. It happens. We're cool like that.
  9. Peed on the side of the road: When you're on a long trip and you already stopped 10 times, the last thing you want to do is be the one to make the car stop again. So you pop a squat and let it flow.
  10. Used spit for anything outside of the mouth: If you've cleaned your kid's face with spit, then you are really a mommy. And kind of gross, too.
  11. Dressed your husband in lady clothing: After a poop blowout on an airplane, my friend's husband had no choice but to take his wife's offer of her sweatshirt. It was pink. And cropped.
  12. "Forgotten" to shower/eat/wash hair: This happens all the time to moms. There is just not time to take care of everyone's needs so mom's fall by the wayside.

What embarrassing things do you do?

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