Chimpanzee Adoption in Disneynature Trailer Made Me Cry (VIDEO)

chimpanzee disneynatureI admit I am a crier. I need Kleenex watching A Charlie Brown Christmas every year. I grab a few tissues when I see certain commercials. Not even shows, just the ads. But since having my kiddo, it seems this crying thing has gotten worse. But then I ran across the latest Disneynature trailer for their film hitting theaters the summer of 2012 called Chimpanzee

No one will be able to watch it without crying. Which makes me kinda happy. Yup, I'm having a case of schadenfreude.

Watch it. I dare you not to cry.


Most moms I talk to also have this crying issue. Many are like me -- can't watch TV shows or movies or read books that deal with children in harm's way. I avoid my favorite Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and even have a hard time with sections of Twilight: Breaking Dawn.

Is it just the maternal instinct ingrained in us now? That we can't stand to hear, read, watch anything bad happening to a child? Probably, but not always. I saw the latest animated hit Rio the other day, and there was a preview for some movie about a dolphin with a missing fin starring Harry Connick, Jr. Even my dad, the retired Air Force colonel, was barely holding back the tears.

It is deliberate. The way they edit these previews, the music they use, the low male voiceover. It is on purpose ... to make us cry, to mess with us, to get their hook in us and pull our heartstrings along. Just watch.

Heck, the "1812 Overture" could be playing over that trailer, and I know I would still cry at that ending shot.

Did you cry?


Image via YouTube

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