Princess Kate Middleton Doesn't Interest My Toddler

princess kate middletonPrincesses are pretty big in our house. I have a 4-year-old girl and, truth be told, I have an inner wannabe princess. I'll watch The Princess Diaries anytime it's aired on TV and don't mind when we have to sit through the 14th viewing of Cinderella (I "heart" Gus). So, when news broke that Prince William and Kate Middleton were getting married, I thought Kiddo and I would be talking about it 24-7, getting totally Royal Wedding-ified.

I was wrong. My kid wants nothing to do with the Royal Wedding, nothing to do with this real-life fairytale, nothing to do with Princess Kate Middleton. Sigh.

I think I know why ...


Personally, I dig Kate Middleton. She's gorgeous, she has good teeth, she seems to have a great sense of humor. But, Kiddo is bored in five seconds with Royal Wedding talk. Why?

Not enough woodland creatures. Cinderella has the mice -- and what mice they are! They can sew a frickin' ball gown! Those birds are friendly too, and even the horse is part of her animal entourage. Belle has a talking tea set, charming candle-guy, and lovely clock-dude. Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty, has chipmunks, an owl, rabbits, and squirrels. Even the most recent Disney princess, Rapunzel in Tangled, has Pascal, the witty chameleon.

Kate Middleton? Alas, she has no woodland creature buddies to speak of. We also haven't seen her break into song at random times, nor does she seem to be too much in harm's way as most princesses Kiddo is used to are (though I am sure Kate has some wedding day jitters going on, especially with that looooonnnngggg walk down the aisle). Plus, both of Kate's parents are still around (which we are all thankful for), and from all accounts, they seem to be supportive and kind. Think about it ... every Disney princess has lost at least one parent to death and or bad magic. From Ariel to Snow White, there's a big M-O-M void in those girls' lives. 

So, Kate's really not fulfilling the princess stereotype, people. Kiddo isn't into her, but she will be, someday, maybe. I'll be sitting alone at 4 a.m., with one of Kiddo's dress-up tiaras perched on my head, and watching it live ... and DVRing it for my daughter to watch later, just in case.

Is your daughter excited to watch the Royal Wedding?


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