50 Totally Awesome Perks of Being a Mom

mother and childBeing a mom is the best! Don't let the tired, bleary eyes, coffee binging, or constant crazed looks on our faces tell you any differently. That's just how we look sometimes. But motherhood totally rocks.

If you are a mom, then surely you know already that moms are totally cool. However, you probably haven't had a minute's time to sit down and think about, let alone compile, ALL the things you love about being a mom. Seriously, best job in the world. Perks around every corner.

Here's our list of 50 perks of being a mom ... We hope you'll add any of the wonderful things we missed in the comments below.


50 Totally Awesome Perks of Being a Mom

1. Always have an excuse for being late.

2. Never have to provide an explanation for what's smeared on your black pants (because no one really wants to know ...).

3. You're proficient in doing at least four things at once.

4. Never pay for hugs (well, most the time).

5. Be two places at once. Obviously.

6. Low blood pressure? Never a problem.

7. "Oh, sorry, I can't make your [insert lame candle, jewelry, Tupperware, scrapbooking, etc.] party -- you know, that's right at bedtime and all ..."

8. Finally know for sure that your parents didn't know squat.

9.  But also know that knowing squat must be perfectly awesome because you turned out okay.

10. There's always someone to fetch the remote control. And sit on your cold feet.

11. Fear of oversleeping -- puh-lease!

12. "I love you, Mommy."

13. That first belly laugh.

14. There's always someone to blame.

15. "Mommy better go through your [insert Halloween, Easter, Valentine] candy alone in the kitchen, and make sure it's safe."

16. You can always find a teen-aged stand-in for just $10/hour.

17. Inflatable backyard pools!

18. Win every argument with your husband by saying, "Yeah, but I gave birth."

19. Funny Home Videos.

20. Slip 'n' slides.

21. Nachos for dinner! Again!

22. Mom blogs.

23. That first base hit.

24. Finally, a reason to learn about sabertooth tigers.

25. Someone's always happy to see you.

26. You can and will rise to the occasion. Like you always do. And because someone might die if you don't.

27. There's always an excuse to eat breakfast for dinner.

28. Bubbles!

29. Having a free pass to hang out in classrooms -- teeny desks, mini glue bottles, and wee scissors!

30. No need to own a mirror when you have a little mini-me who mimics your most horrific behaviors right before your eyes.

31. Silence just became all the more golden.

32. Even the worst days at the photographer's studio can turn into some of your favorite photos.

33. "Something smells bad in here? Hmm, didn't notice ..."

34. You can't be fired, much to their dismay.

35. Trick or treating!

36. Early morning snuggling.

37. The first time they use sarcasm. Correctly.

38. Video games.

39. Baby wipes.

40. Toilet wipes.

41. Oprah says you're doing the toughest job in the world (so it's gotta be true!).

42. Acorn collecting.

43. Finally a world where a milkshake can solve every problem.

44. Justin Bieber.

45. Total appreciation for the simple things: drive thrus, alone time, weeds that look like flowers.

46. Relive your childhood -- but only the good parts.

47. You pass a test (of patience, will, strength, etc.) every single day.

48. Bedtime.

49. Being missed. Even when you're just going to the mailbox.

50. Close your eyes. Think of them. Are you smiling?

What's your favorite perk about being a mom?


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