10 Things I Would Tell My 12-Year-Old Self

As my daughter is getting older, I think about myself so much at her age. She's still years away from adolescence, but there is so much I want to spare her from. So much I did wrong that I hope she won't. Of course, she won't listen to me, just as I didn't listen to my mother. It's the wonderful circle of life. So, instead, I'll tell myself. In my imaginary time machine.


1. Don't start shaving your legs. Nobody's feeling them yet, anyway.

2. Having divorced parents isn't the end of the world. Life will go on.

3. Don't worry: It's just a phase.

4. The boobs that you are desperately waiting for will never materialize. Stop waiting for them.

5. Be nice to your brother. He's not that annoying.

6. Be nicer to your parents. They aren't that bad.

7. Stop crossing your legs when you pose in pictures. You look like an idiot.

8. The girlfriends you actually have are much more important than the boyfriends you don't have.

9. Parachute pants are stupid. Don't pitch a fit over not having any. Ditto on acid wash jeans.

10. There is a magic thing called hair gel. Use it. You don't need to look like you stuck your finger in a socket.


What would YOU tell your 12-year-old self?


Photo via Sam Stoner/Flickr

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