11 Family Friendly Sports for Enjoying the Outdoors

kickball Spring has sprung, and, in short, that means: Get your kids outside. No longer will the frigid winter temperatures provide an excuse for them to hibernate indoors and underfoot. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and even if there are a few random snowflakes still coming down in your area, it doesn't matter -- it's spring.

Now that you're outside, the question becomes: What to do? Family sports are a great way to get everyone outside and excited about being out there, with some exercise thrown in as an extra bonus. From tots to teens, there are plenty to be enjoyed by everyone. Here are 11 great outdoor sports your entire family can enjoy.


Tennis Grab the rackets, a few balls, and hit the courts. Even the smallest toddlers will have fun trying to hit the ball.

Baseball You may not have enough members to cover all the bases, but some batting practice and catch are always fun if you can't round up full teams. T-ball is a good option for littler ballers.

Soccer Bend it like Beckham in your own backyard or in any large field or parking lot. All you need is a ball and something to mark the goals.

Kickball A little less formal than soccer and a lot more fun, in my opinion. Set your bases and get ready to run.

Volleyball Everyone can out their frustration by pounding the ball over a net, even if said "net" is a piece of string tied between two trees.

Croquet There's just something so Kennedy-esque about the game, but it's also a lot of fun. Check out yard sales for used sets if you don't have one. 

Jump Roping Yes, it's a real sport, and it's a lot of fun. Hold competitions, attempt to learn double dutch, and don't forget to sing while you jump.

Hiking All you need are your feet, some water, and a few snacks, and the world is yours to explore. 

Biking Hit the trails and go for a long, family ride, or find a parking lot and set up an obstacle course to practice your maneuvers. Don't forget to make sure your bike is tuned up first though.

Golf Whether you go to a putting green, play a full course, or just hit the miniature golf course, it's a fun sport to foster in your entire family.

Running Start slowly and gradually build up. You'll be amazed how far even the smallest kids can go. Head out around your own block, around a school track, or on local trails. Race at your own risk ... of your kids beating you.

What are your favorite family sports?

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