8 Reasons Moms Should Rejoice Because of Spring

boy with flowerI hate winter. The cold, the sickness, the dark, the ice. Winter just plain sucks. And summer? The kids home from school, the hundred-degree heat, and the bugs swarming everywhere? No, thank you. But, spring? Spring, I wait all year for. It's the only thing that makes the other seasons bearable. It's just plain perfect. Why?


1. No More Fights Over Winter Coats. The first day that the temperature hits above 50, I throw a party and burn all the hats and gloves. OK, not really, but I want to. Halle-freakin-lujah!

2. Outside Play. After months of being house-bound and hearing endless whining over nothing to do, being able to send the kids outside is glorious. Even if you do have to start bathing them every day again.

3. Crocs. The very shoes I vowed never to let my children wear have become my favorite shoes in the world. What's not to love about shoes you stick in the dishwasher?

4. Daily Ice Cream. Which, if you haven't already discovered, is a wonderful bribery tool.

5. Farmers' Markets. Fresh fruit tastes better and when it tastes better, my kids eat more of it.

6. Outdoor Birthday Parties. Goodbye, Chuck E. Cheese and Jump Zone, hello zoo and petting farm.

7. Picnics. Sending the kids outside to eat dinner frees you of so much after-dinner clean-up. Join the lazy mom club and use paper plates and shake out the blanket over the trash can. The kids will love it.

8. Hand-Picked Flowers. I'm not a big fan of over-priced bouquets, but I am a total sucker for flowers handed to me by my children. Even if they come from my very own garden.

What do YOU love about spring?


Photo via Scary Mommy

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