8 Easy & Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter pipe cleaner finger puppets
Easter is just a little more than a week away, and as your little ones anxiously prepare for the sugar buzz coming in their basket, a little distraction may be in order. So instead of dyeing dozens upon dozens of eggs that you'll never be able to consume, having a few Easter craft ideas on hand can be another good way to get into the holiday spirit and keep them from bouncing off the walls.

Here are eight cute crafty ideas to try with your toddlers as they wait for Peter Cottontail to hop on down that bunny trail. None require Martha Stewart superpowers either.


Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets (pictured above) How adorable are these little guys? With just pipe cleaners, a glue gun, and a few other items, you can make them in no time. You and your little one will have a blast putting on little Easter puppet shows with them afterward too.

Chicks in a Basket This makes a darling centerpiece for a kids' table. It uses a small paper bowl and some construction paper to make this cheery little work of art.

Edible Easter Bunny Racers If you want to get your sugar rush on a little bit early, these bunny race cars are a fun way to do so. With a car made from a Ho Ho and a Peeps bunny at the wheel, you can't go wrong.

yarn wrapped eggs for Easter

Printable Easter Coloring Pages From religious-themed to just the bunny himself (or herself?), there are a host of free images you can print out for your children to color or paint. 

Paper Plate Easter Wreath This will keep older toddlers occupied for awhile and let them practice their scissor skills.

Yarn-Wrapped Eggs Here are some eggs you won't have to worry about going bad. Make them cute and colorful with any yarn you choose, and you can use them year after year.

Envelope Bunnies So this one is from Martha Stewart, but it's simple, I promise. These make cute favors filled with a few treats if you're having guests for Easter.

Jelly Bean Bracelets This is definitely for older toddlers who can handle a needle, but they're adorable when finished ... and come in handy if you get a sugar craving before the bunny strikes.

What Easter crafts do you do with your children?

Images via Piersall/Flickr; ©iStock.com/petrograd99

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