'Moms Are Fat' Study Can Eat It

moms are fat
Mother's Little Helper
Guess what moms? You're fat. According to a new study in Pediatrics, moms to children ages 5 and younger are eating worse, getting less exercise, and weighing more than women without children. Well, duh.

Forget the fact that this study didn't account for that extra weight you gain when you actually are creating a live human being inside of you, or for any woman diagnosed with postpartum depression. (Yes, those are HUGE things to forget, I'll let it go if you can't.) The fact that new moms are being told we should be concerned about our weight is the most annoying thing about this report. The second most annoying is the announcement that a new mom's average BMI index is 27, and a child-free woman's is 26. Wow, we are porking out!

The researchers said this study wasn't about blaming moms for their extra padding, it was about warning women of this high-risk period, so they can look for solutions.

I've got your solutions right here.

  • One year paid maternity leave, so women don't have to immediately jump back into work and basically not do one single thing for themselves for the next five years.
  • Subsidized child care, so moms aren't rushing to get to the day care in time so they don't have to pay the "late fee" or overtime to the nanny. Instead, maybe they could run around the block or take a yoga class. Or, you know, shop for healthy food that they could then cook.
  • Paid paternity leave, so mom could have some support at home instead of being left completely alone to do it all herself, thus ensuring that she'll be in need of at least one sugary drink by about 3 p.m.
  • Healthy, affordable food options in every neighborhood, so mom can actually find things other than the 99-cent menu at the drive-through.
  • Health care for all, so one or both parents don't have to be employed full-time at a corporation that offers health care, and therefore work unreasonable hours for fear of losing that benefit.

Seriously, let's talk about real solutions that should be systemic. Instead of making stressed out, overworked, exhausted moms feel bad about that one extra BMI point that our single sisters lack.

Are you a fat mom? Do you give a crap?


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