Jealous When Your Kid Thinks Another Mom Is Cool?

Cool momLet’s get a few basic rules of teen-dom out in the open: your kids’ friends’ mothers are always going to be cooler than you. She is the standard by which you are measured.

I grew up an only child, so when I wasn’t immersed in the little fantasy world I created for myself (onlies are generally forced to be either super creative, super kooky, or both), I spent a lot of time at the homes of my besties. With no siblings of my own, they were the closest things I had to sisters. Every day after school, I spent hours at their houses, doing homework, hanging out, eating dinner, taking up extra space.


So now that I’m a mother myself, I can only imagine how much it grated my poor mama’s nerves when I came home reporting that Ms. Deckman let Sherry have a hamster or, even worse, that Mrs. Brown’s chicken parmesan was the best I’d ever tasted.

After getting off of eight hours of work and baking, broiling, and steaming over a hot stove in a little apartment kitchen, I know the last thing she wanted to hear from her blubbering middle schooler was how good some other mother’s cooking was. (Sorry Mommy!)

How much time is too much time to spend at a friend's house? And is it natural for a mom to feel jealous if that kid's parent becomes the "cool mom"?


Image via ralphunden/Flickr

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