Adorable Toddler Love Caught on Video!!! (VIDEO)

toddlers in loveI know some people get uncomfortable when toddlers start developing crushes on fellow toddlers. While sexualizing kids is so totally not okay, I've found myself in awwwww, when my own toddler girl talked about who she wanted to marry. Maybe it doesn't jibe with my uber feminist, wait until you're 30 to get married, never lose yourself to a man, and be a super independent lady values, but toddlers in love are so freaking cute.

For example? This little dude who is practicing his British accent (because the ladies looove that) to woo his three-year-old love, Brianna.


Okay, that's cute. Little mister may not be clear on all the particulars of a romance, but when it comes to charm he's got it going on. I'm guessing Brianna doesn't stand a chance. I'm very protective of my daughter, but if this guy came knocking, I think I might even chaperone a dance.

Also, a big shout out to the in-tune dad who clearly thinks his son is as adorable the rest of us do. Cute! But I think he needs a little bit of help with the interview questions. Such as:

  • What does Brianna's dad do for a living?
  • Does the family approve of interfaith marriages?
  • Does Brianna think you need to cut your (adorable) hair? Because that could be a deal breaker.
  • If a particularly handsome four-year-old comes onto the scene, will Brianna's love suddenly transfer?
  • Is Brianna really worth all this media attention?

What do you think about these two toddler lovebirds?


Image via YouTube

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