10 Reasons Men Are Sexier Once They're Dads

sexy dadsLook at the father of your children. Now look back here. Now look at him again. Isn't he the hottest? There's something about a man turning into a dad that makes him irresistible. Aside from the growing up factor -- which should not be diminished in its import of sexy -- becoming a dad kind of softens the edges. It opens up your man in ways you've never seen before, and those ways are super duper hot.

Even though they don't have their own "yummy mummy" moniker (side note -- does anyone else think if you're calling yourself "yummy," you may have some self-esteem/infantilizing issues?), dads are hella sexy. In case you need any more convincing, here are 10 reasons why dads will rock your world.

  1. Dad's bare chest during kangaroo care = swoon.
  2. That whole "I'm a man now and must provide for the family" thing.
  3. Those baby-lifting biceps.
  4. Shifting priorities is always hot.
  5. Because he's seen you at your worst and still thinks you're sexy.
  6. The dirty hot disheveled look is always on.
  7. Because clearly, "it works," heh, heh, heh.
  8. Googly eyes at the baby are almost as hot as the googly eyes he gives you.
  9. Seeing a grown man cry out of happiness is HOTTY HOT HOT HOT.
  10. Dads have a whole new appreciation of your boobs.

For a list of the sexiest dad bloggers, check out Backpacking Dad's list of the hottest. Yeah, he lists himself as #1. How cute is that?

What's the hottest thing about your baby daddy?


Image via singleparentspecials/Flickr

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