10 Mommy Tasks I'd Like to Subcontract Out

Despite what some people seem to think, I really do love being a parent. It's the best job I've ever had and I can hardly remember life before it. Nor do I want to. (Most of the time, that is.)

But, there are certain tasks I could really do without. Tasks that I dread yet seem to constantly be doing. All the freaking time. Tasks like these ...


1. Putting a fitted sheet on a bunk bed. There is no single task that is as horrific as changing the sheets on a top bunk. It's the bane of my existence.

2. Toenail clipping. Fingernails aren't so bad. You see them every day and if you're really lucky, you'll raise nail-biters. Toes are another story.

3. Hair cutting. I swear, my boys' hair grows at an accelerated speed. Must be related to my leg hair.

4. Folding laundry. It's not the doing of the laundry, it's the folding that I mind so much. Especially when it can all be undone when a certain 3-year-old rifles through his drawers. 

5. Administering medicine. If I were any good at this, I would be a nurse. I am not a nurse.

6. Making school lunches. If I were any good at this, I would be a lunch lady. I am not a lunch lady.

7. Having to find a toilet in an emergency. There are few things worse than seeing the pee dance when you are nowhere near a bathroom. But, that's nothing compared to diarrhea in the middle of nowhere. It's almost enough to make you never leave the house again.

8. Combing for lice. Ever since our lice epidemic of 2008, Lily runs from me when I whip out a comb. I'm scarred for life as well.

9. Grocery shopping with kids. It takes an insane person to take three children to the grocery store. Or, rather the process makes a sane person insane.

10. Punishing. I know it's necessary, but most of the time it punishes you as well. And that just sucks.

What parenting tasks do YOU hate doing?


Image via Jill Smokler

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