Babies With 'A' Names Get Better Grades

letter a baby namesOh, how I love talkin' baby names. One of the toughest decisions you'll ever make, picking that name for your wee little one. Many things go into the mix -- family names, names you love but Hubby hates, names of his favorite athletes that he loves but you nix. So many things. And now, there's a study saying what you name your kiddo may impact what grades he gets.

I kid you not. A study from Yale and the University of California-San Diego says students whose names begin with the letter A have higher grade-point averages than kids with names starting with C or D.

Dang, is that why my sister Amy did better in school than me?


The study only focuses on names starting with A, B, C, and D. They say Charlies and Dougs are kinda screwed in Geometry class, as Adams and Brents are going to be throwing the grading curve off. We all know A names are hugely popular -- think Ava, Aiden, Alexander -- with up to 10% of all names given to newborns starting with that first letter of the alphabet.

Now, there's been lots of info out these days studying the science of baby-naming, how what you name your baby may affect the job he will have and where he will live. Jeez Louise, you thought deciding on your babe's name was tough before, now you will cast his fate with this choice?

But going back to this higher grades-names starting with A study. What about names that start with W or M or any of the other 22 letters in the alphabet? My name starts with H ... what does that mean? Kiddo's name doesn't start with A,B, C, or D -- is she doomed?

Do you think your baby's name will affect his grades?


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