Barbie Has Better Clothes Than I Do

jonathan adler barbie dressIt is a fact of mommyhood that sometimes you just aren't gonna look you best. The clothes in your closet won't look like they used to. In those Pre-Kiddo days, you followed designers, were up on the latest trends, stood in line at the must-have sample sales. 

But, things change. They did for me. Now, I'm following the style advice of the late great Gilda Radner who said, "I base my fashion taste on what doesn't itch." I've come to terms with my new not-as-fashion-y life. And I was okay with that ... until I realized Barbie dresses better than me.

Lately, I find myself wanting her outfits. All of a sudden, I get dressed in the morning lamenting the fact I don't have a cute dress like that dratted plastic doll!


Sadly, it is a fact, especially with new Barbie wear that's out these days, that Barbie has better clothes than me. Look at sites like Tiny Frock Shop, with the creative fashion director-mind of Pamela Thompson (who's worked with Anna Sui and Heatherette, among others), who puts these vintage outfits together for Barbie. Yes, vintage. Lordy, the only thing vintage I have is my college sweatshirt (it's over 17 years old).

tiny frock shop

I want that coat. I want those boots. Heck, I want the whole look ... maybe not the hat, but everything else!

What's wrong with me? It's time I take a step back and remember I'm not 12 inches high and blonde. I just need to use her as a springboard to get my mama butt back into style.

I love the Jonathan Adler-designed frock for Barbie at the top from Now, I wouldn't pair it with those pink heels (not that I even own pink heels), and it's short enough to show my moneymaker (I'd throw on a skinny white jean with it). But, I like it. I'll tuck the image away to inspire me when I am in that rare moment I actually go shopping. Heck, maybe Barbie can inspire me to get better PJs too!

paul frank barbie pjs

Does the Barbie in your house dress better than you do?


Images top to bottom: Barbie CollectorsTiny Frock ShopBarbie Collectors

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