Parents, I Found the Answers to All of the 'Why' Questions

kids ask why I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable on a lot of subjects. Maybe not Jeopardy!-worthy, but above-par. But Kiddo, in normal kiddo fashion, has become more and more curious about her world. And at times, I have found myself lacking in answers to her Why questions. Questions like "Why are your veins blue?" and "Why can I see my breath when it is cold out?" and my favorite "Why does popcorn make a popping sound?"

I try to answer them, really I do, but man, after Why Number 17 of the day, I'm pulling wonko answers out of my boo-tay. Seriously, I needed help. What does a mom do when you enter the Era of Whys?


Lately, when I don't know the answer (or I know it and I'm totally fuggummeling the answer), I pop open the laptop and look online. I google whatever the Question du Minute is and get a variety of non-kiddie answers, some that I know are wrong, and, yes, sometimes, I don't even find an answer. And by the time I do find a good answer, 13.7 minutes have passed, and the learning moment is gone and we are on to a different Why question.

But do not fret! In my struggles, I have found a few awesome resources I'm passing on to you. First, the National Geographic Kids website has tons of good info. is also a pretty good site. Both have activities as well as "just the facts, ma'am" info. But the best one so far is, as you can probably tell by their name, answers all of the Whys. Seriously, from "Why is the sky blue?" to "Why do balls bounce?" they have the perfect kid-friendly response when you are too tired, had a long day at work, or just don't know. And they have an iPhone app, so you can be at the park and find the answer to "Why do flowers smell?" right then and there.

The way kids are using technology these days, soon Kiddo will be able to look up the answers herself online, but until then, my favorite sites are bookmarked and at the ready. Are yours?

How do you deal with the Why questions?


Image via SMJJP/Flickr

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