2 Year Old Bridger Wilson Masters iPad (VIDEO)

baby uses ipad perfectlyMy husband loves it when Kiddo plays on her iPhone. She plays little memory games, word games, draws pictures. He doesn't just love the fact that she’s learning good basic A-B-C and 1-2-3 skills. He simply adores watching her use technology. She flicks the screen like a pro. She slides from page to page as if she were born using these things. She could get a job at the Apple store.

Me? I like that my (almost) 4-year-old knows her way around the computer. I like that she feels comfortable with gadgets and technology. But I do pause. And wonder. And feel like we are living in the first minutes of some futuristic, sci-fi movie where genius toddlers take over the world.

Their leader: little 2-year-old Bridger Wilson.


Check out this little guy. Bridger just turned 2. Is he even potty-trained? I don't know. He might still have a binky, yet he’s maneuvering around this iPad with ease, as if he were channeling Steve Jobs himself.

His dad notes that Bridger's verbal skills improved within days of him using the iPad; he knows animals and dinosaurs. Watch it again -- the kid does work the iPad pretty dang close to perfectly as the title claims.

As much as I'm impressed, it still creeps me out. Not a big creep-out, more like a bit of a minor skeeve. Even when my own kid does it, I’m proud, I’m thankful that she’s learning, but I have to say, it just throws me. Did our parents feel this way when we picked up that first Atari remote and zoned out playing Pitfall? I’m not sure. Watching Kiddo and Bridger and all of Kiddo's friends, it's just so Minority Report-ish and second nature for them, I get slight heebee-jeebees.

There's a little part of me that likes it a wee bit more when she uses crayons to paint a picture or arranges her wooden blocks to build a museum castle tower for imaginary butterflies. I know, both regular toys and new whiz-a-jigs are good for her and have everything in moderation and all that. Gosh, just hand me an abacus because I feel really old right now.

What do you think of kids and iPads?


Image via YouTube

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