World Water Day Fun Teaches Kids Little Things Make a Difference

world water dayHappy World Water Day, folks! March 22 was designated by the United Nations to bring attention to the lack of fresh clean water in many parts of the world. You ready for some scary stats? According to the UN, a child dies every 15 seconds due to a water-related illness, and one in five people in the world's population doesn't have safe drinking water.

Okay, maybe you don't want to talk death and stuff to your toddler. I don't either. So how can you get the brood involved with World Water Day? We have some fun ways to get the convo going about how important water is to everyone and how to make a difference for our planet every day.


1. Search the Sink: Get the troops together and check all of the sinks and faucets (don't forget the ones outside!) for leaks. Break out the crayons and make some signs to put next to the sink in the bathroom and the kitchen to remind everyone to turn off the water when you're brushing your teeth or doing dishes.

2. Play the Shower Power Game: Get the kitchen timer and chunk it by the shower. See who can take the fastest shower. Shorter showers save water (duh!). If we all did this, those few little minutes could really add up to a big difference.

3. Catch That Water!: Collect some watering cans and place one for every family member outside to catch rain (use it to water plants or wash the car). After a storm, see who's can got the most water, then switch them around. Another idea to catch unused water: keep a pitcher or bucket by the bathtub to fill up as you and Rubber Duckie wait for the cold water to be the perfect temperature. Use the water that would normally go down the drain to wash dishes or water indoor plants.

4. Guess What Takes More Water?: Did you know that making one pound of chocolate uses 3,170 gallons of water? Check out National Geographic's Hidden Water tool and take turns guessing how much water everyday things use.

5. Redo the Recycling: Make sure your home's recycling area is super spiffy as recycling plastics, paper, cans, and glass helps reduce water usage. Go on a Recycling Scavenger Hunt in your home to see where you could change it up and buy recycled or reusable goods (paper towels, coffee filters, and so on). 

How will you celebrate World Water Day?


Image via Greg Riegler Photography/Flickr

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