Gay Adoption Done Weird

gay adoptionIn case you don't have an iPad, and haven't subscribed to the iPad "newspaper," The Daily, here's a story that will warm your heart, as you scratch your head. At least that was my reaction as I read the story of "The Digbys" -- aka, Mark Kirby and A.J. Sapolnick and their adopted "baby" named Digby. Yes, that's a lot of quote marks for only one paragraph.

This gay couple had some feelings when their straight friends started to have children themselves, and so twenty years ago when they found themselves face-to-face with this bald little doll baby in a Paris flea market, the couple decided this little guy would be their non-human baby, and they would treat him as such.

And they've been so doing for the last two decades, treating Digby better than some people treat their own children. Truthfully, I find this story adorable. And sad. Very, very, sad.


Not only does the couple dote on little Digby, they insist others do as well. Digby goes with them on every vacation, whether that takes the two men to Cambodia or Antarctica (and everywhere in between). They say he's the only toddler in four star restaurants that doesn't throw a tantrum, and have even been seated next to celebrities because of the cuteness of the ensemble. But Digby also gets celebrated when they're at home in New York City. In fact, when Digby turned thirteen, he was bar mitzvah'd.

This couple is pretty much the cutest thing I've ever heard of, and if I saw Digby dining next to me at Le Cirque, well, I'd make sure I got a photo of the three family members who frequently dress alike (please check out the photos, please, please, please!). But as someone who didn't "get it" until I had kids of my own, I still feel like I wish I could have arranged for an adoption of a human baby twenty years ago so this couple could have really experienced raising a child.

I realize this is presumptuous, and Kirby and Sapolnick have said they were not into turning their lifestyle upside down for a child. But they seem so incredibly devoted to this fake baby, that I can't help but think this wacky couple would have raised one heck of an interesting human son. I wish they'd had the chance.

What do you think about The Digbys?


Image via donvix/Flickr


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