Cutest Toddler & Dog Video You'll Ever See (VIDEO)

toddler and dog videoI've compared my dog to my kids more than once. What with the whining, the constant need for attention, and the ability to thrive only within a constant routine. But in reality, I know my toddler is far superior to my sweet, if not intellectually challenged, cocker spaniel.

I really don't treat them the same (except when they're begging), and bristle when a child-free animal lover tries to make the argument that raising a dog is akin to raising people.

But this adorable video shows that comparison to be eerily accurate. In one way, at least. (Watch for synchronized head bobbing, followed by an involuntary, "Awwwww!" by all of you people out there.)


What's cuter than watching kids trying to stay awake? Watching a dog and a kid trying to stay awake, of course! I'm wondering if this isn't the first time this has happened, and that's why someone had a camera at the ready to capture the moment. If so, that's a house filled with cuteness.

Okay, so now I'm inspired to set up my toddler and dog in funny situations just to see if they'll react the same way. While I wouldn't expect my dog to learn the words to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," as well as my boy, I'm thinking they'll both chase a ball and lick food off the floor with equal vigor. Time to charge up the Flip cam!

Is your toddler like your dog?


Image via YouTube

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