I Pay $30 for My Kid's Haircut

toddler haircutMy kid is in dire need of a haircut. She does not have bangs. She has basic long hair with a bit of a curl. I know I should cut it myself. But, I am “scissor-challenged.” I can snip off a rubber band, I can cut off a tag that's itchy, but ask me to cut out a square, a heart, a diamond ... near impossible. I can barely cut along a straight 2-inch-thick line on a piece of paper.

Ergo, I cannot cut my kid’s hair without disastrous results. So, I take her to a kiddie salon. Complete with TVs that play Dora and chairs that look like a fire engine or racing car. And I pay about $30 for it ... not including tip. I know that is a lot for a 4-year-old’s haircut. I know I live in NYC. I know our prices are inflated, but even I know this is ridiculous.

But, my kiddie salon doesn’t offer manicures or glitter tattoos. For that, I’d have to move to Los Angeles.


There’s a new “kids' lifestyle boutique” in LA called the La La Ling -- a salon complete with a nail/tattoo station and hairstylists that do trendy ‘dos for your kiddo. Updos, spray-on hair colors, beads, tinsel. You name it, they got it. They offer every cool hairdo your kid can dream up. Not exactly sure a 2-year-old needs a “cool” cut, but really, as I have stated already, I’m in no position to judge. Kids under 14 can get a haircut for $25, hair beads for $14, nail polish and nail art for $6, and a glitter tattoo for $4.

I’m actually not knocking them for any that (plus part of their proceeds go to charity, which I dig). What gets me? The gum removal. They have gum removal for $8. Dude, for all of my scissor faults, my snipping failures, my cutting fiascoes, even I can do gum removal! I can do the one-snip-it's-outta-there kind of gum removal that's been done generation after generation. That gum removal is just mocking me, teasing me, pointing out the fact that I am here at this salon, paying a ree-donk-u-lous price for my kid's haircut ... because I'm deficient in that certain mom haircutting area. It's just not nice.

My mom cut my hair until I went off to college. I wish I could do that. I wish someone would offer a course in cutting your kiddo’s hair. I’d pay someone. I'd give 'em $100 to teach me the tao of the scissors. Just think: I'd be saving money after I do after four haircuts.

How much do you pay for your tot's haircut?

Image via terminal_illusion/Flickr

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